Oscillating between inner and external extremes inspires Sonja Lackner to create ambiguous and sensual art. The artistic process includes diving into deep emotions, involving her body and playing with different materials. During her travels to 45+ countries the artist is experiencing her topics in the context of diverse cultures and social habits. Exchanging with different mindsets is essential in her art.


Sonja Lackner expresses herself mainly through photography, drawing, video and sculpture.


From 2016 to 2018 she studied in Switzerland at F&F School for Arts and Design and completed her CAS Creationship® at Zurich University of the Arts. Her natural scientific background (master’s degree in chemistry, 2010) enables her to observe, combine ideas, optimize and trust in the serendipitous discoveries which are fundamental to her artistic process.


Sonja Lackner’s Art has been featured at "Kunsthalle Zurich" (2020, CH), "photo Schweiz" in Zurich (2020, CH), "ARTBOX.SCREEN" at ARTBOX Gallery Zurich (2019, CH), "Walk of Art" during Swiss Art Expo at central station Zurich (2019, CH), "A touch of" at Estudio Nomada in Barcelona (2019, ESP) and "Young Blood 3" at Gallery Macelleria d`Arte in Saint Gallen (2018, CH).


In winter 2019 the artist joined “Estudio Nomada” during her residency in Barcelona followed by a residency in Iran.


Born in 1983, Sonja Lackner grew up in Kufstein/Austria. In 2012 she moved to Switzerland and currently has her home base in Zurich.


Photography, Video, Drawing, Sculpturing

Main Topics

Sensuality, Ambiguity, Erotic, Skin, Body, Red, Emotions, Femininity, Diverse Cultures

Solo Exhibitions

FRISCH at Visarte Zurich, Switzerland,
2020, October 15th -17th

Group Exhibitions

Voyage – Voyeur at IG Halle Rapperswil,

Switzerland, 2021, May 30th - August 8th


Make your own exhibition at Kunsthalle Zurich, Switzerland, 2020, July 31st - August 9th
photo Schweiz in Zurich, Switzerland
2020, January 10th -14th
ARTBOX.SCREEN at ARTBOX Gallery Zurich, Switzerland 
2019, September and November
Walk of Art, SWISS ART EXPO at central station Zurich, Switzerland, 2019, August 15th - 19th
A TOUCH OF at Estudio Nomada in Barcelona, Spain
2019, April
Young Blood 3 at Gallery Macelleria d`Arte in
St. Gallen, Switzerland, 2018, May-June

Curriculum Vitae

2019 Jun - Portfolio Review at Athens Photo Festival (GRC)

2018 - 2017 - CAS Creationship at Zurich University of the Arts, (CH)

2018 - 2016 - Further education in Drawing, Painting, Photography and Design at F&F School for Arts and Design (CH)


2018 - 2002 Masters Degree in Chemistry (AUT), Application Chemist (CH), Account Manager (CH) 

2011 Award for best Diploma Thesis - Austrian Society of Chemistry


2019 Apr - Photography- and Drawing Project, Iran

2019 Feb-Mar - Estudio Nomada in Barcelona, Spain



2019 Junger Gast at Visarte Zurich, Switzerland

2018 Amis du mudac at Musée de Design et d`Arts Appliqués Contemporains in Lausanne, Switzerland