How to Express Your Femininity, Sensuality and Intimacy Authentically

One-on-One online Mentorings are personalized sessions where I to help you to explore and express your femininity, sensuality, and intimacy authentically.


We will focus on following aspects to unlock your full potential:


-      Emotional Awareness: Cultivating a greater sense of emotional well-being can help you navigate even the most challenging or stressful situations with ease. Through our sessions, you'll learn how to identify and manage your emotions, so you can respond to life's ups and downs with resilience and grace. This newly gained consciousness is essential to experience intimacy and femininity on a deeper level.


-       Body Awareness: This is crucial for developing a greater sense of self-love and self-acceptance. We will identify joyful ways to help you connect with your body in a positive way. You can build a stronger relationship with yourself and tap into your feminine and sensual energy with ease.


-       Communication: We focus on developing your communication skills, helping you express your desires, needs and boundaries in a way that is respectful and effective.


-       Authenticity: I'll help you identify options to express yourself authentically and self-confident, so you can live life freely on your own terms.


By exploring these areas in a safe and supportive environment, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourselves and live a more fulfilling life. Learning to embracing your femininity, intimacy and sensuality will let you shine from within.


Check available dates for a free 30 min Intro Zoom call to discover how I can help you on your journey to unlock your full potential.

talks and workshops

NEW Workshop

Bloom & Empower: Flower Crown Workshop

Past Workshop:

NFTs & Photography - FULLY BOOKED - September 17th, 2022

Was part of Fotofestival Lenzburg and sponsored by Stadtmuseum Aarau in collaboration with Digital Days.


Intimacy, sensuality, love, dancing Bachata Sensual, and femininity are the subjects that stir my soul.


To get there was and is an adventure as my life has been a journey of incredible twists and turns.


With a Master's Degree in Chemistry and an Award from Austrian Society of Chemistry for Best Diploma Thesis, I once found success as an Application Chemist and Account Manager in this industry.


Born with a scientific and creative curiosity, in 2019, I changed my career path dramatically, pursuing my passion as a Multi-Media Artist.


During my transformative journey I explored sensuality, intimacy, and femininity in different facets. By expressing those experiences with photography, video and installations, and creating exhibitions in galleries and museums, I could share my perspective in a creative way with the world.


In 2021, I discovered the incredible power of NFTs and web3, which has added a new dimension to my work.



Starting dancing Bachata Sensual was a revelation in 2022. It was as if everything I'd ever been passionate about – intimacy, body, love, femininity – all coalesced into one beautiful form of expression. With each movement, I felt a deeper connection with my dancing partners on a body, mind, heart, and soul level. It was as if we were speaking a language that transcended words and conveyed emotions too intense to express any other way.


I`m exploring these topics from every possible angle, to delve into their many facets and discover all the hidden nuances that make them so profound. These themes are at the core of my being, and I am deeply committed to sharing their beauty and complexity with the world.


Growing up in Austria, residing in Switzerland for over a decade, and spending months in Lisbon, Portugal, influenced my understanding of social norms.


To me it`s essential to connect with different cultures and mindsets to understand life from various perspectives. Travelling to more than 45+ countries has a tremendous impact on my personal development. Especially when experiencing my provocative themes in extremely different cultures like Iran – where self-expression is banished.


With each new project, I am driven by an insatiable hunger to gain deeper insights and wisdom in exploring my themes – intimacy, love, dancing, sensuality and femininity – from different facets and aspects.


I am delighted to share my journey and knowledge with others through talks and workshops. My hope is to inspire and empower individuals who are seeking to rediscover their strengths and unleash their creative potential. 

NFTs - ongoing video project

Currently I`m creating colorful, energetic videos dedicated to the movement of spheroids.

Sensuality, Femininity, Intimacy and Love are my main topics. 

NFTs will be minted within next months.


Open to collaborations with Marketing Experts, Lawyers, Investors, Influencers, Artists, Press,... You feel like there is potential to create something great together? Just drop me a message and I`m more than happy to reply.


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interview for horizont Swiss

at Metaverse Summit by zeam x metaverse talks

Delighted to have been interviewed by Beat Huerlimann from HORIZONTswiss at the first Metaverse Summit organised by ZEAM x MetaverseTalks. I introduced my Art and ongoing NFT project and shared what I would recommend Artist how to start with NFTs.


To watch all interviews and read about the Event use following LINK. My part starts at minute 7`37``.


I`m so greatful for the open-minded spirit and inspiring people whom I`ve met during the Metaverse Summit, After Party and Workshops. Curious and excited to continue my NFT journey with like-minded people.

past Exhibitions

Voyage – Voyeur


Artists: Clio Newton, MARCK, Sonja Lackner,

Janet Mueller, Helena Wyss-Scheffler and Annatina Graf

Curator: Guido Baumgartner

SRF TV Reportage - Swisslos - Voyage-Voyeur My videos OBSESSION start at minute 1`14``


IG Halle at the Museum Kunst(Zeug)Haus Rapperswil

Schoenbodenstrasse 1, 8640 Rapperswil, Switzerland

2021, May 30th - August 8th


Special thanks to Susanne and Martin Knechtli-Kradolfer Foundation and Hans and Wilma Stutz Foundation for their generous support.

Photos: Guido Baumgartner