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In 2019 I changed my career dramatically from being a Chemist to becoming a Multi-Media Artist. 


Spending time in an Artist Resideny in the vibrant city Barcelona/Spain reconnected my intense emotions with my creativity. 

Later, I travelled to Iran and experienced warm-hearted hospitality yet sever restriction regarding self-expression.

The influence of different cultures and mind-sets is essential. I`m greatful for meeting people from all around the world and discussing life during my travels to 45+ countries within the last 20 years.


Growing up in Austria, living since more than 10 years in Switzerland and recently spending several months in Lisbon/Portugal has another strong impact.


My transformation also included learning about Photography, Video and Installations, how to create exhibitions in galleries and a museum. In 2021 I connected with web3 and the power of NFTs.


Most important of my journey are exploring sensuality, intimacy, femininity as a highly sensive person in many different facets.


Now I`m delighted to share my insights and help people to rediscover their strenghts during talks and workshops.



ONLINE TALKS in English & German:

Body, mind, heart & soul - How to connect truthfully with yourself and others - December, 7th

Femininity - and its multilayered facets - December, 14th

Being highly sensitive - How to use it as a super power - December, 19th



Preparing workshops to get out of the mind, back into feelings & sensuality and reconnect with the sense of touch.

Date and place will be updated soon.


Past Workshop:

NFTs & Photography - FULLY BOOKED - September, 17th

Was part of Fotofestival Lenzburg and sponsored by Stadtmuseum Aarau in collaboration with Digital Days


The actual program is HERE.

NFTs - ongoing video project

Currently I`m creating colorful, energetic videos dedicated to the movement of spheroids.

Sensuality, Femininity, Intimacy and Love are my main topics. 

NFTs will be minted within next months.


Open to collaborations with Marketing Experts, Lawyers, Investors, Influencers, Artists, Press,... You feel like there is potential to create something great together? Just drop me a message and I`m more than happy to reply.


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interview for horizont Swiss

at Metaverse Summit by zeam x metaverse talks

Delighted to have been interviewed by Beat Huerlimann from HORIZONTswiss at the first Metaverse Summit organised by ZEAM x MetaverseTalks. I introduced my Art and ongoing NFT project and shared what I would recommend Artist how to start with NFTs.


To watch all interviews and read about the Event use following LINK. My part starts at minute 7`37``.


I`m so greatful for the open-minded spirit and inspiring people whom I`ve met during the Metaverse Summit, After Party and Workshops. Curious and excited to continue my NFT journey with like-minded people.

past Exhibitions

L`Amour Magique -  Futura Solo Shows

Solo Exhibition of Sonja Lackner - part of the collective exhibition at Barbatti Haus organised by Network of Arts 

Toepferstrasse 10, 6004 Lucerne, Switzerland

2021, August 28th - January 25th, 2022


Curated and organised by Florian Paul Koenig, Aniko Koltai, Vivienne Heinzelmann



Special thanks to NOA Förderprozent and Casimir Eigensatz Foundation for their generous support.


L`Amour Magique

Two fluffy pink skies are within reach and invite to be touched. Delicately the feathers caress the skin. A brief, precious moment allows immersion in a sensual world. When the visitors climb the stairs, the rectangular, adapted and separated forms dissolve.


In their place come round feather cushions, which flow with playful ease from two sides to each other. They flow into each other and strive upwards together. This carries the symbolism of the unfolding of their higher selves and is considered the basis for true love.


Collective: Michael Scherrer, Petra Njezic, Julian Fahrenholz, Valentin Beck, Miao Li, Sève Favre, Emanuel Heim and Sonja Lackner

Voyage – Voyeur


Artists: Clio Newton, MARCK, Sonja Lackner,

Janet Mueller, Helena Wyss-Scheffler and Annatina Graf

Curator: Guido Baumgartner

SRF TV Reportage - Swisslos - Voyage-Voyeur My videos OBSESSION start at minute 1`14``


IG Halle at the Museum Kunst(Zeug)Haus Rapperswil

Schoenbodenstrasse 1, 8640 Rapperswil, Switzerland

2021, May 30th - August 8th


Special thanks to Susanne and Martin Knechtli-Kradolfer Foundation and Hans and Wilma Stutz Foundation for their generous support.

Photos: Guido Baumgartner