How Starting A New Job as A Chemist Can Lead To Creating Art At A Romantic Fullmoon Night in Iran


In 2012 I started working as an Application Chemist in Switzerland. By searching for a room at a shared apartment to move there I made many lovely friends.


One of them is Iranian. My new flatmate and I decided to one day visit her - and the impressive land of contradictions and warm-hearted hospitality - Iran.


Seven years later we booked our flights.


In 2019 we started our adventure at Teheran. On our way South we lodged several days at Yazd – a 5`000 years ancient city surrounded by desert.


I was fascinated by the beauty of handwritten fountain pen and ink poetry in Farsi. Therefore, I bought royal blue ink and a special pen for painting to create my own Art.


On one of the mild evenings, I went to the roof top of the traditional guest house where we were staying, was sitting down on the carpet, inhaled the warm air and felt the soft light of the full moon. Being touched by the romantic scenery I started drawing.


What do you think how this evening continued? Curious to hear your version.


Stay tuned for the next chapter…