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If You Could Do An “Xray Of Your Emotions” – How Would It Look Like?
Learning dancing Bachata Sensual truly transformed my life in so many ways. Just to name a few aspects that make a dance magical: - Moving in harmony with a dance partner who holds space to be in my feminine. - Being guided by the rhythm of the music as a third dimension to create unity. - And experiencing pure intimacy by ...

How Starting A New Job as A Chemist Can Lead To Creating Art At A Romantic Fullmoon Night in Iran
In 2012 I started working as an Application Chemist in Switzerland. By searching for a room at a shared apartment I made many lovely friends. One of them is Iranian. My new flatmate and I decided to one day visit her - and the impressive land....

The Beauty of Intimacy: Connecting with Others on a Deeper Level
Mind · 03. April 2023
Intimacy is a word that can evoke many different emotions and associations. For some, it may bring to mind physical touch or sexual intimacy. For others, it may mean ...

Love – Harmony From Within
Mind · 18. February 2023
Feeling love doesn`t depend on another person. It all starts within us – just by ourselves.

Wild Woman Archetype
Wild Women · 15. February 2023
She is a free spirit led by the heart, living her life purpose.