If You Could Do An “Xray Of Your Emotions” – How Would It Look Like?

Emotions are constantly changing, and are influenced by many different factors:


-       Biological: Hormones, brain chemistry, genetics.

-       Cognitive Processes: How we interpret events depending on thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes, affects our emotional response.

-       Social Influences: Relationships and cultural norms.

-       Psychological: Personality traits and past experiences.

-       Environmental Conditions: Weather, noise, time of a day.

-       Physiological State: Physical health and states like hunger, sleep or illness.


Being aware about and expressing emotions matters deeply to me. There are many ways how to do that. Two of them are dancing to connect with others and painting to visualize my sensations.


I`m joining regularly Social Dancing where people from around the world meet to dance together. Basically, you share one song with one dance partner before moving on to the next person. This can be an intimate moment.


Especially when not knowing the person this requires a high level of openness and trust. Most is happening on a non-verbal level. Therefore, I often even don`t know which language(s) they speak, what`s their name or what kind of personality they have.


You can imagine that there is happening a lot inside and on an emotional level of each person.


On my journey to deeply understand how I feel and how dancing with different dance partners influences me on a body – mind - heart – soul level I discovered that I could express all of that through Marble Painting. It`s comparable with an “Xray of my emotions” for visualization.


The images of this post are Marble Paintings of a magical dance when I was feeling like a fairy. What does this mean? Stay tuned for details in upcoming posts.