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Upcoming: Four Inspiring Webinars on Authentic Femininity, Communication, and Sensuality
Mind · 04. April 2023
Get ready to unlock your inner power and explore your sensual side with four new, exciting webinars. - Join us on April 13th for "Unleashing Your Inner Goddess: Embracing Authentic Femininity" and learn how to tap into your true potential. - On April 27th, discover "The Art of Feminine Communication: How to Connect and ...

Mind · 16. February 2023
Good communication connects us with people and increases our feeling of belonging. Could be easy – but talking holds lots of space for misunderstanding.

Mind · 15. February 2023
Being compassionate includes two steps:

Mind · 15. February 2023
Affection means showing your feelings.

Mind · 15. February 2023
Respect means accepting somebody for who they are.

Mind · 15. February 2023
Treating people considerate, tender-hearted, and with benevolence are ways to be kind with each other.