How Do You Respond In Case Of Conflict?

How Do You Respond In Case Of Conflict?


Identify Your Communication Type For Deeper Understanding:


Communicating clearly and to the point helps to improve personal and professional relationships.


A first step towards conveying messages effectively and creating a base for a positive interaction environment is understanding which communication type you are.


The three types – venting, hiding, or expressing anger – respond differently in case of disagreement.


Venting Type: Wants to find solutions immediately, expresses emotions and frustrations more openly, sometimes without filtering based on the situation and audience.


Hiding Type: Tends to hide feelings and might struggle with direct confrontations, potentially leaving important things unsaid.


Anger Type: Tendency towards expressing anger and straight forward approach to conflicts, expressing dissatisfaction in direct or indirect ways.


Depending on your type, communication can be improved significantly by deepen the understanding of the roots of this pattern and identify more effective strategies to respond and articulate your needs.


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