Language Of The Soul

Most time of my life I was asking myself, what is my purpose.


I'm a curious person therefore, I experimented with many of my diverse interests. Every action got me closer to understand the complexity of my personality. Part of this journey are magic moments as well as tough and challenging times. Each one holds a treasure to learn something new and adjust directions.


From studying Chemistry, being a Manager in Pharma Industry, to becoming an Artist and explore Photography, Video, and interactive installations, was a long way to go. As a scientist I was so used to being fully focused on my mind. While expressing my feminine, soft, and sensual side through arts requires completely opposite skills like being present in my emotions.


Now all dots start connecting and make sense when blending into each other.


Within the last years I had several magical moments. One of them happened while dancing Bachata Sensual, when I felt for the first time in my life - this is what I am born for.


Another one appeared when I re-discovered marble painting and my inner voice told me to create 1`000 paintings without knowing where this will take me.


One more consistent activity, which is present through all my life, is my passion for writing and getting structure into topics that I'm excited about.


My new project “Language Of The Soul” combines my intimate and emotional experiences while connecting either with myself or others, for example through dancing.


Marble painting allows me to express those energetic connections and feelings through colors and shapes which tremendously helps to understand different layers of connections through body-mind-heart and soul.


The last step includes writing about these experiences to gain one more layer of consciousness and also to be able to share those magic moments with others.


The paintings of this post are a preview. Each one contains a personal story which will be unveiled over time.


Connecting deeply and genuinely with ourselves and others is probably the most precious experience we can have.


I'm full of joy and dedication to share those heartfelt moments with you within the next weeks.