Nonstop Meditating For 10 Days – Enlightenment Inclusive?

Joining a Vipassana Meditation Retreat in 2015 included getting up at 4 am, meditating for more than 10 hours per day, sitting without any body movement, complete silence, and no entertainment.


Sounds like fun, doesn`t it.


My thoughts during those days:


Day 1: This is the smartest activity I`ve ever done. I might become so creative like what my friend has experienced. Maybe something magical will happen to me? Why didn`t I choose the 21 days Retreat? I feel back pain from sitting the whole day.


Day 2: 4 am is too early for me. Focusing on breathing. Feeling my breath moving through my whole body. Body awareness increases. This is exciting. And boring. My thoughts are like a carousel. Will this stop? I`m still feeling pain from sitting.


Day 3: Getting more conscious about every tiniest part of my body. They told us the pain will vanish on day 3. Why did my back pain increase? Why did I ever want to do this? Why didn`t I book the 3 days Retreat? Why didn`t I just go on a sailing trip with friends instead?


There are still 7 days left…


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