How to experience intimate moments in the dimensions of body, mind, heart, and soul?

I was asking myself what I need to be conscious about in different areas of life to feel a deep bond with others.


The most beautiful connections happen when people are present with one another and open-up to share their inner truth.


What does this mean when we have a closer look on the aspects of body, mind heart, and soul?


Mind: Connecting through the mind is probably most common. That happens when we have a deep conversation and share our thoughts, fears, and dreams. Listening actively to each other’s perspective has a positive influence on feeling close.


Heart: Being emotional vulnerable and open up about all kind of  feelings can deepen intimacy and trust.


Body: When involving the body in my opinion two aspects strongly influence our behaviour. First, the type of relationship, like friendship, romantic or business. And second, cultural norms, which formed us from an early age on. Depending on how touch was integrated in daily life for example somebody from Switzerland might respond differently from somebody who grew up in Spain.


Soul: Do we even have a soul? Yes. No. Maybe.

I say yes, we do. This will require more time to discuss in depth. I would describe the soul as the purest essence of which we are born with before being shaped by society. It`s connected to our purpose. Connecting with others on this spiritual level creates a strong sense of unity and is rare.


Which of the four areas are you mainly connecting with others?


If you could expand your level of intimacy in one of the four – body, mind, heart, or soul – which one would you choose?