Meditating For 10 Hours Per Day – For 10 Days – Ready?

When I was moving to Switzerland in 2012 one of my first friends there was talking about his Vipassana Meditation Retreat.

It was one of the most challenging activities he has ever done. One of the effects was that he became very creative during that time and could feel the impact of this practice on his life for a long time.


At that time, I was working as a Chemist and didn`t give my creative side enough space. Therefore, I immediately had the feeling I`d be curious to experience this type of meditation too.


In 2015 I finally signed up for a 10 days “Retreat”.


The daily routine included following:


-       Wake up gong at 4 am

-       Meditation for 10 hours per day without any body movement

-       Zero talking and complete silence for 10 days

-       No mobile phone, no writing, no books, no entertainment


Before starting I had following thoughts:


-       I`m clearly NOT an early bird.

-       Before this Retreat I was mainly meditation at the end of Yoga sessions, but never this long in a row.

-       My body needs movement - sitting completely still isn`t my nature

-       Silence – ok, that sounds good – as a highly sensitive person this could be relaxing.

-       No entertainment – can live with that.


And then the meditation Retreat started…